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Message from the Chairman


It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Exeter Bone & Joint. For many decades, musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment was done by general practitioners and general surgeons. These surgeons would treat a variety of conditions from appendicitis to heart disease to bone fractures. The same doctor could operate on a urinary bladder stone one day and perform a cosmetic procedure the next. With advances in medical research and the invention of sophisticated diagnostic tools and training development, it became apparent that medical specialization was necessary and it is continuing to branch into finer fields. When I finished my general orthopedic training I was interested in a career in spinal surgery that at the time was going through revolutionary changes. By the end of the 1990’s, spinal surgery was a highly specialized field that had simultaneously divided into smaller specialties including spinal oncology, deformities, trauma, degenerative diseases, paediatrics and minimally invasive surgery. Similar advances occurred in other orthopedics, knee surgery, microsurgery, limb reconstruction and others. It is evident that no single surgeon can now efficiently cover all fields of orthopedic surgery on their own. To provide optimal care it is essential to have a team of doctors and healthcare professionals who can share knowledge and experience for the best of their patients. As an orthopedic surgeon, excelling in providing the highest quality of care for my patients is my personal mission. I have always dreamt of a facility like EBJ. This is a place where we can provide medical service by highly specialized doctors in the different orthopedic fields, all under one roof. Dreaming is easy, but to make it reality was the challenge. I started my orthopedic training 18 years ago and throughout my career I have been building a strong professional network. Through participation in major international orthopedic societies such as the American academy of Orthopaedic surgeons (AAOS), Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) and others, I have worked closely with many prominent physicians. This is one of the secrets of how we gathered such an eminent group of experienced and specialized professionals for EBJ. With highly trained resident doctors and regular visits by leading surgeons, EBJ will reach our goal – to provide exceptional care to our patients, covering every orthopedic specialty to the highest standard. Again I’d like to welcome you all to EBJ. We will always be here for you, providing World class Comprehensive Orthopedic Care.

Dr. Walaa Elassuity

Exeter Bone & Joint, Dubai Street 4A, Villa 30
Jumeirah 1, behind The Village Mall, Dubai

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